Mariya Batman – Fine Art

Art has been Mariya’s life since she first started on her path to becoming a professional classical ballet dancer in a boarding school in eastern Ukraine at the tail end of the 1990s.

From a young age touring the world from Europe to exotic Asia such as Japan, Shanghai, Seoul and so on has expanded her horizons and enriched her with the aesthetics of other cultures shaping her broad visions.

“With art, we can define and refine ourselves. It helps to express our feelings and brings beauty into everyday life”

Mariya Batman

Since ending her career at the Stuttgart Ballet, Mariya has become more and more involved in the art world itself, the intermix of creators and collectors of fine art. The career of a performing artist greatly influenced Mariya’s relationship with visual art and her perception of aesthetics.

She investigates the beauty that art brings into the world and the life of the people it touches.

Mariya Batman Fine Arts focuses on artists creating beauty and emotion, helping to connect them with collectors and friends.

“I like to surround myself with art which besides aesthetics offers deeper layers which unfold with time and take you on a lifetime journey.”

Mariya Batman

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Use the form to contact Mariya Batman, you can also call her via Tel: +49 176 62803218 and follow on Instagram: @mariya_batman_